Onboarding process

Fill out an application form

Completing an application form is the first step to getting up and running with a Paystation account. It is a quick and easy process which can be completed online. If you’re ready to begin, you can start here.

The team here at Paystation will be in touch shortly after receiving your application form to help you through the next steps.

If you are integrating using our API's (Application Programming Interface) we will immediately provide you a development account and API credentials.

There are various Paystation plans to choose from to ensure we match the right product for your business. You can view each plan and apply here.

You will not be charged any fees by Paystation until you are ready to take live card payments. Full details are in the terms and conditions.

Provide your Merchant ID

While Paystation provides you the ability to process credit card payments it is best to think of us as the messenger. Your bank actually gives you the ability to charge cards and settles money into your account.

Because of this Paystation needs your ecommerce Merchant ID number to direct the payments to. You can find out more about a Merchant ID here, along with a list of contact details for getting in touch with the bank.

The process of obtaining a Merchant ID from the bank is usually the most time-consuming part of onboarding, so it is important that you contact the merchant services team at your bank as soon as possible.

Once you have told your bank that Paystation will be your payment provider, they will pass the required information directly to us.

Once we have your merchant ID number, you are almost ready to go!

Integrate and go

The final stage of the process is to get you up and running.

If you are using our manual payments product, as soon as we have your Merchant ID number you are ready to go. We will get in touch to walk you through how to begin taking payments.

If you are integrating our gateway into your website, we will have you up and running after testing your website. We do this to ensure the integration is functioning correctly, and that the customer experience will be smooth and problem free.

If you have completed the other steps and are ready to go live, please fill out a go live application form here.

For more detailed information about integration please have a look through the helpful resources below.


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