Go live

The final step to accepting live payments on your website is to submit a 'Go Live' request that successfully passes Paystation's testing.  Please make your way through the check list before submitting the form below.  The Paystation team will respond once the testing has been completed.  If your Go Live request is time sensitive please call the friendly team on 0800 729 782.

Check list:

  • For 'Hosted by Paystation' integrations the payee is re-directed to the correct URL(s) after the payment is completed

  • POST Response is working as expected (if applicable)

  • Quick Lookup is working as expected ie all required IP addresses have been white listed (if applicable)

  • After a payment is completed a message displays on screen stating whether the payment was successful or unsuccessful

  • There is a refund policy on the website

*Mandatory fields

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