Navigating Paystation

Every Paystation customer account has a default user ID of "admin". Your organisation may have created additional users, these user login IDs are unique for each additional user.

To login to your Paystation account page go here

Paystation ID: This is your account number
User ID: User ID is admin or your unique ID
Password: Your password 

Navigating the Paystation system

After your successful login, you will be presented with the navigation home page.

Use the navigation bar on the left side of the screen to access the administration features of the Paystation system.

save image

You can also use the dropdown navigation bar on the right side of the screen to access these system features. 

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Paystation's administration system is designed to work on a mobile device.

When you are using Paystation on a mobile device the system works a little differently.

The main navigation features are accessed from the hamburger icon in your browser (three horizontal stripes in the top left corner).


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