Providing a refund

The Refund button initiates a refund.

The refund can be for all or part of the original transaction amount. The refund will be returned to the card used for the original transaction. 

To begin you must find the transaction you want to refund. Use a transaction search.

Total Refund

In the example below, the amount displayed in the field (showing $20.00) is the maximum that can be refunded to the card.

If you want to refund only part of the original transaction change the refund amount before clicking Refund

save image

 Then confirm the refund:

save image

 The refund will only be in New Zealand dollars. If the card was used outside of New Zealand, the amount refunded to the card in its local currency may be different to the original amount taken due to the fluctuation in exchange rate. 

The refund confirmation will appear on left top of the page. The result is displayed within the Transaction screen, as below. Please note that the details displayed on this screen are the details of the original transaction, not the details of the refund transaction.


A new section, Associated Transactions appears below the transaction summary section for refund transactions. 

View details allows you to view the transaction details for the refund. save image

The refund transaction would now appear in the transaction list of a new transaction search.

Partial Refund 

If a partial refund was processed, you will be able to process the refund for the remainder of the original amount. If the remainder were to be refunded there would be two associated transactions displayed.


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