Transaction type definitions

Standard purchase

A message with the purchase card details are sent through to the payment network and are returned with a successful or unsuccessful transaction response. The funds from a successful transaction are then deposited into your settlement account.

Authorisations and captures

Using authorisations and captures means that you can verify a card and set money aside on that card for future payment. The benefit here is that you can guarantee an amount and then finalise payment once the details have been confirmed.


An authorisation confirms that the card number and expiry date are correct. It also sets aside a specific amount of money on that card, which means that the card holder cannot access those funds until the authorisation has been released, or the funds captured.


A capture is the second part to an authorisation. Once the funds on a card have been verified and confirmed as available in an authorisation, when ready you can perform a capture and take payment for goods or services rendered. 


Process a refund either remotely using our API or via our Paystation admin portal.

Token payments

With token payments you save card details for recurring billing. Saving a card can be broken up into two types, either save the card number, or make a purchase or authorisation and save the card details at the same time.

Token bill

A token bill is simply when you process a purchase against a saved card.

Token save and token initiator

With a token save, the card details are stored and encrypted in our card vault. You can then use that card's token for future payments. A token initiator allows for full or partial payment  you either complete a purchase or authorisation against a card (verifying the details are correct) and at the same time the card details are stored in our card vault for recurring billing.

Token updates and deletes

Token updates and deletes allow you to either delete a token that is no longer required, or you can edit that token to update the card details. For example, you could give it a new expiry date or changing the card number and expiry details if your customer replaces their credit or debit card.

To use any of the above transaction types on a manual payments account select the required transaction type from the Paystation admin features section on our application form. For online payments ask your developer to take a look at our APIs.

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