Batch processing

How it works

Use Paystation's batch payments solution to upload multiple credit and debit card transactions directly to our admin portal. Simply create a spreadsheet with payment details in each line, in the format specified by Paystation. Upload standard or token batch files, or use our chain batch system to upload a file from multiple accounts.

Batch files

A batch file includes all of your payments that need to be processed, and each line of a batch file represents an individual payment. Batch files need to be uploaded in a format and file type specified by Paystation. Once a file is verified and uploaded you receive a results file that includes all transaction responses.

Payment verification

Paystation will verify your batch file is correct before processing. This means that you don't need to worry about uploading any incorrect payment requests. We'll simply give you a file that contains the transactions that need to be checked and entered again.

Credit batch

A credit batch is a file that uses the full card number and expiry date. Each transaction line in a file needs to include the card number, the expiry date, and a unique transaction ID. We also allow for a merchant reference to be added to each transaction request. This reference could be as simple as your customer's name or an invoice number.

Token batch

The safest and most secure way to process a credit batch. Using token batch you can process payments with a saved card, make a payment and save a card at the same time, edit a saved card, or delete a saved card. This solution allows you to safely store your customers' card details.

Chain batch

Upload batch files from multiple accounts with chain batch. Using your chain master account, simply select the account you wish to run a batch payment for and you're good to go.


Paystation can add a surcharge to your account as a percentage or a fixed fee.

A surcharge allows you to cover reasonable business expenses relating to payments processing costs. Your bank will have rules around adding a surcharge, so make sure you contact them first to let them know you want to add a surcharge.

To use credit or token or credit batch sign up to Paystation for a manual payments account. Just fill out and submit our online application form. Select credit or token batch in the Paystation admin features section.

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