Supported shopping carts

Fully hosted shopping carts

For a full list of shopping carts, check here.

The main benefits of using a hosted shopping cart like Shopify or Big Commerce are fairly important considerations. First of all, they will host your website, meaning you don't have to find a website domain host. Secondly, your website security will be managed by the cart, which means you won't have to worry about any security patches or vulnerabilities. Integration with the gateway also tends to be much easier, and simply involves selecting Paystation from a drop down menu.

Fully hosted vs merchant hosted

Integrations like Shopify use our payment page, meaning you get all the benefits of using our hosted payment page such as the responsive payment page and charge back protection via 3DS enrolment. Some shopping carts like Big Commerce, have the payment form hosted on their site. This means that you won't have a redirect to our payment page. It's important to keep in mind that with a fully hosted integration like Shopify you'll be covered against charge backs, where as with a merchant hosted integration you'll need to be much more vigilant.

Open source shopping cart modules

With shopping carts like WooCommerce, you or your developer will need to download and install our shopping cart module, follow the installation instructions and enter your account credentials. These are designed to be what we call an out of the box solution and shouldn't take long to install. Most shopping carts will offer a hosting solution as well, but this may cost extra. The important consideration with these cart modules relate to cost, this option can be much cheaper (or free) if you go for a basic package. 

Module installation

Our shopping cart modules are designed to work once you add your account ID, gateway ID, and usually an HMAC key. To save time and get your site up and running, read through the install instructions and you'll be processing payments in no time.

Security patches and updates

Most shopping carts like WooCommerce will have regular updates and security patches that you'll need to manage yourself, or have your developer manage for you. It's important that you keep your shopping carts up to date to avoid any unnecessary risks to your business.

To sign up to Paystation for website payments just fill out and submit our online application form. Include which shopping cart you are using on the Account setup details page.

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