Woof woof! Masterpet works with “master” brands.

Meet Masterpet, our customer.

At Masterpet they believe life is better with a pet and that’s why they exist, this is something they feel passionate about and their goal is to offer a seamless operation when purchasing from them so their client sales transactions are swift thereby giving them easy access to their products. As a business it’s important to decide how you will collect payments from a customer as part of the customer journey.  Of course, all businesses also need to ensure effective cash flow.

They needed a streamlined process and Paystation was able to offer this.  They also wanted a system that would provide convenience not only for them but also for their customers. Paystation were also able to offer the high level of security which was not only a legal requirement but a top priority for Masterpet.

“At first the process of introducing a new provider was somewhat daunting but fortunately Paystation were able to make the process very straightforward. I’m sure there were many times they must have groaned when our telephone number appeared on the screen.  However we managed to get our processes set up, the batch product has certainly saved us a lot of time, we run 5 batch dates and each one now only takes a matter of minutes. From the customer to a spreadsheet – upload and it's done – couldn’t be easier.”

About Masterpet

It all started in 1954, when a Polish immigrant came to New Zealand. Masterpet is designed for people who love pets. Pet people. Dog people. Cat worshippers. Turtle folk. Snake lovers. Mouse keepers. Bird fanciers. Fish fanatics. Guinea piggers. Whatever kind of pet you’ve got, whatever kind of pet you want to get, whatever kind of questions you have, Masterpet can find what you’re looking for. They are the supreme award winner of the 2014 Westpac Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Award and a Category Winner of the 2014 Westpac Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Manufacturing & Distribution award.

Jane Kerr
Credit controller

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