Additional gateways

Adding a new website

Adding additional websites to your account is nice and easy with Paystation, and we can add as many websites to your account as you need. All you need to do is let us know and we'll advise on what steps you need to take.

What to tell Paystation

When you need to add a new website to your account, let us know. We have a simple and straight forward process designed to get you up and running as soon as possible. We'll add a gateway so you can start integrating your website, then once we have the merchant details from your bank you'll be able to submit a go live request.

What to tell your bank

Your bank will want to know that you have a new website. Just let them know that you require a new gateway with Paystation.

Adding a new manual payments gateway

Need an additional 'card not present' facility? Want to split up your recurring payments for return business from one-off payments? Paystation can add manual payment-only gateways so you can separate out your business payments.

Talk to Paystation

Let us know you if require a new manual payments facility.

Talk to your bank

Let your bank know that you want to set up a new 'card not present' facility with Paystation.

To add an additional payment gateway to your Paystation account contact us and let us know what you require your new gateway for.

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