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Grow your customer base with solutions crafted to suit your business objectives and your budget. You don’t need to be a payment expert, our product and add-on services will keep you secure, while you focus on the things you love.

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Customised payment options

With Paystation, you can access any of our available APIs to combine payment methods, PayMe, iframe, token billing, authorisation and capture, or just use our reporting API to customise transaction reports for settlement purposes.

Multi-site payments (MOTO chain and chain batch)

With MOTO chain and chain batch, any business that owns more than one company or has multiple store locations, like a franchise, can centralise payments with a chain account.

Fully hosted (3 party)

Customise your payments with Paystation. Use our hosted page to process payments, and draw from a great range of available payment types. Keep your payments on-brand with an iframe, save cards (token saves), use card verification (authorisation and capture), transaction verification (quick lookup), and more!

Merchant hosted (2 party)

With a merchant hosted custom integration you can choose from our APIs and sample code, add additional payment types, and have payments hosted on your website or app.

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