Accuracy, security and a human touch

Streamline's mantra is “Back office. Sorted” and that’s exactly what it does. Based in Auckland and with operations in Fiji and Poland, it automates high-volume business processes ranging from paying for taxi rides to selling lottery tickets and, in the process, removes errors, saves money and eliminates countless hours of crushingly repetitive manual work.  

CEO and co-founder Craig Pellett says the company, which offers both custom and productised solutions, first partnered with Paystation in 2016 and the relationship has flourished. "In part that’s because Paystation processes upwards of 250,000 of our customers’ transactions annually with consistent accuracy," says Pellett.  "Another reason is security, which is a central to our proposition. Paystation is PCI-compliant and that makes it so much easier for us to be compliant as well.

A third reason: the human touch. Pellett says the Paystation team is responsive and has happily added functionality and optimised its platform to meet streamline’s evolving requirements. "They’re prepared to work with us to problem-solve," he explains. "That leads to smoother processes and faster transaction times, and everyone’s a winner."

Streamline harnesses intelligent and customisable workflow technologies to unlock real efficiencies for customers. Delivered over the cloud, streamline solutions boost productivity, cut error rates and slash the costs of compliance. Using a level of automation that until recently was reserved for very large organisations, but without the big-company price tag, they can replace more than 80 percent of data entry work. They also offer exceptional levels of accuracy and are compatible with all common ERP systems.

"Paystation is prepared to work with us to problem-solve. That leads to smoother processes and faster transaction times, and everyone’s the winner." Craig Pellett

About Streamline

Streamline is a people-driven technology business, who have the back office sorted. We automate repetitive business functions of all kinds, harnessing intelligent and customisable workflow technologies to unlock real efficiencies for our customers.  Delivered over the cloud, streamline solutions boost productivity, cut error rates and slash the costs of compliance.

Craig Pellett
CEO and Executive Director

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