How to take payment from a credit card

Charging a credit card in Paystation is easy.

Simply click on Charge Card located under Payments on the left side of the Paystation home page.

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Enter the customer’s card details and process the transaction. You will be provided a response on whether the payment was successful.

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There are some optional fields in this window. See the below list for an explanation of what they do.


  • Customer Email Address: If you enter an email address our system will send a Payment confirmation to the email address provided. See the help button in this window for an example.

  • Your Email Address: Sends a payment confirmation to your email.

  • Add surcharge: If you have a surcharge on your account you can choose to apply it to this payment.

  • Your Reference: This reference is seen by both the customer and yourself. It can help you identify the payment in reporting and transaction searches 

  • Gateway: Choose which gateway you want the payment to go through.


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