Multi-site payments (MOTO chain and chain batch)

MOTO chain

MOTO chain allows you to log in to a master account to process payments and view transaction details. This is called a chain account.

Process payments

With a chain account you can process a payment for another account simply by logging in. All you need to do is enter the account ID for the account you wish to process payments for.

View transaction details and process refunds

With a chain account you can narrow your transaction searches down by account, view individual transactions, and refund transactions.

Chain batch

It's easy to centralise your payments with Paystation. Use chain batch to process batch files over multiple accounts. This is a great option for any business that has multiple companies under the one parent company. It also allows for payments to be processed on behalf of another business, meaning admin and payments can be controlled from one office. 

Chain accounts

Get ultimate oversight and account access 24/7 with a chain account. Chain accounts gives a business the means to search child accounts, view transactions, process 'card not present' transactions, process refunds, and do user admin. 

Child accounts

A child account is a Paystation account that has been connected to a chain account. This allows for a child account to be accessed by select staff members for that business only, while still giving admin access to the administrator of the chain account. 

To set up a chain account contact us and let us know that you require a MOTO chain, or a chain batch account.

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