Authorisations and Captures


Placing an Authorisation on funds means that you are not taking payment immediately. You are reserving funds.

The customer will be unable to spend that money, even though it is still in their account.

To place an authorisation simply click on Charge Card located under Payments on the left side of the Paystation home page. 


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Enter the customer’s card details and change the transaction mode from purchase to authorisation.


Please see How to charge a card for explanations on the purpose of other fields such as the references and email inputs.


Capturing the funds

Find the Authorisation transaction, use a transaction search.

Open up the transaction details. You can capture an amount up to the full amount of the original authorisation. You can continue to make captures against an authorisation until you have captured the entire amount.


How long does an Authorisation guarantee funds?

We estimate around 14 days, it is however completely up to your bank. If you would like a definitive answer or specified time frame please your your bank. 

If you attempt to capture funds from an expired authorisation then you will not be guaranteed these funds. However if they are available, then the transaction will go through.  


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