Process a batch of payments simultaneously

This page lets you upload batch files which contain a list transactions to be processed. Batch files have to be validated before they can be processed, and only transactions which pass validation can be processed. Once they are processed you can download a results file, which contains the transaction ID, masked card number, and result code.

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Note : The batch feature needs to be activated on your account for you to be able to use it. Please contact us if you need to process batches of transactions.

Batch Types

There are 3 types of batch: standard, token, and chain. An account can only support one of these batch types.

  • Standard batch supports purchases, refunds and authorisations.
  • Token batch supports token saves, token bill and token initiators (create and bill token).
  • Chain batch supports the same transaction types as standard batch, and can process transactions on behalf of child accounts at around 1000 transactions per minute.

Fields and Validation

Batch files are CSV files where each line contains the following information.

Note : these rules may be overridden by custom configuration on your account. 

  • Paystation ID: The Paystation ID for the account to make the transaction against. For standard and token batch, you can only use your own account ID.
  • Batch Code: This column has to be present, but can be left blank.
  • Line number: Each line must have a unique number.
  • Merchant session: (string up to 64 characters) A unique value to identify the transaction.
  • Merchant reference: (string up to 64 characters) A non-unique and optional value to group transactions for reporting purposes.
  • Transaction Type: Standard and chain batch supports purchase, refund, and authorisation. Token batch supports fp_initiator, fp_bill, and fp_saveonly.
  • Amount: (integer) The amount in cents (158 = $1.58). Make sure it is between the min and max amount set on your account.
  • Card Type: e.g. Visa or Mastercard (not required for chain batch)
  • Card Number: PAN. Don't include formatting with spaces or dashes. In the case of a refund, the card number is replaced with a transaction ID for the transaction to refund.
  • Card Expiry: YYMM 4 digits for the year and month.
  • Token: (string up to 64 characters) For token batch only. Alias for a credit card. Optional for fp_saveonly and fp_initiator.
  • Transaction ID: The transaction to be refunded. This goes in the credit card column.

Use Help on the Batch page to see an example of what each batch file and result file look like.

Example of batch upload

Upload CSV file and fill in the Batch code field, and then Upload

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The uploaded file will show as displayed below. Then Validate the file. 

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In that case the file was not validated as rows are not matching the required format and are invalids. An error button will appear at the bottom of the page.

You can download transactions that don't pass validation as well as a list of errors for why they failed validation in Errors.

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In that example the downloaded file will show this :


You must permanently delete batch files when you've finished with them. They contain credit card data that must not be retained any longer than absolutely necessary. Do not email these or store them anywhere else.

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