Payment page: fully hosted

How it works

By integrating Paystation with your website, payments are processed on our secure and encrypted payment page. When an item is selected from your site in the shopping cart, and your customer selects 'Buy Now', an order is created and a payment request is sent through to Paystation. This directs your customer to our secure hosted page where they enter their card details. Once payment is complete we then return your customer back to your website and you receive the order details for shipping.

Safe, secure & easy

Paystation is a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider. This means we submit to the highest standards of securing credit card data. Our goal is to make integration with us as easy as possible. To do this we have a number of shopping carts and custom integrations available. We'll also work closely with your bank and your developer to ensure that you're taking payments online as quickly as possible.

Mobile first

A large and growing number of transactions are now completed on a mobile device like a phone or tablet. With our hosted, responsive payment page your customers can browse and select items from your site and have a flowing, user-friendly transaction to a mobile-responsive payment page. This means that you can take payments from your website on any device which could help increase your online sales. Converting a higher percentage of sales is easy with a smooth payment journey from your mobile-friendly website to our mobile-friendly payments page.

Fast & reliable

Paystation has a range of transaction verification tools built into our shopping cart modules. If your customer closes their browser before being returned to your website, you'll still get a payment response with our POST response enabled shopping carts. 

Make integration easy with a shopping cart

Taking payments online is easy with Paystation. Using a fully hosted shopping cart like Shopify means that adding Paystation as a payment gateway is as simple as selecting Paystation and entering your account credentials. Check out our range of shopping cart modules for popular carts like Shopify and WooCommerce and more here.

Limit charge backs

A charge back is when someone informs their bank that a credit card payment made against their card was not a legitimate transaction and the money is returned from the merchant. This most often occurs when a stolen card is used for a transaction. Reducing your risk of credit card fraud is easy with Paystation. When you use our hosted payment page your bank will enroll you in Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode schemes, increasing your protection against charge backs as a result of fraudulent credit card activity.


Paystation are an official payment gateway provider for ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank and Westpac merchants in New Zealand. This means that we’re approved by your bank to process payments between you and your customers. Your business is in safe hands with Paystation. We're owned by Trade Me, one of New Zealand's most influential brands.* We understand that payments require trust. Not only are we committed to providing you with our fantastic customer service and innovative payments products, we're also a New Zealand-based business. We'll work closely with you, and your bank, to provide an awesome online payments experience. 

*IPSOS 'Most influential brands' study, 2016.

Keep your payments in brand with an iframe

When using our hosted page to process payments, you can either have your customers enter their card details via a redirect to our payment page, or seamlessly embed it within your site using an iframe.

The benefits of having payments processed in an iframe on your site include:

  • Reduced overheads as we'll take care of PCI Compliance
  • Seamlessly blending the payment form in to your site using our customisation options

Ask your developer to view our Github. Our Github Includes our demos, sample code and Postman collection.

See our API documentation here.


Paystation can add a surcharge to your account as a percentage or a fixed fee.

A surcharge allows you to cover reasonable business expenses relating to payment processing costs. Your bank will have rules around adding a surcharge, so make sure you contact them first to let them know you want to add a surcharge.

To sign up to Paystation for website payments just fill out and submit our online application form.

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