Customised payment options

Custom integrations

A custom integration is a good option if you want a bespoke payments solution for your business. If you want to complete a custom integration with us you developer will use our sample code and APIs to build a payments application. Paystation highly recommend that you put your developer in direct contact with our support team if you want to complete a custom integration.

Payment options

Mix and match payment types according to the needs of your business. Whether you need to authorise a card for pre-payment, save a card for future billing, capture payment details, or just make a standard purchase, Paystation have the tools to customise your payment options. We have a flexible API, which means that you can add or combine payment types according to what you want your customer's payment journey to look like. Available APIs and sample code include:

  • authorisation and capture
  • tokenisation
  • remote refunds
  • PayMe
  • POST response
  • quick lookup
  • reporting API
  • multi-currency
  • iframe
  • HMAC authentication.

Paystation sample code and APIs

Paystation sample code includes options for using an iframe, and HMAC authentication for quick lookup. We allow for a mix of payment options due to the flexible nature of our API. This means that you can combine two transaction types if necessary. If you wanted to authorise a card at the same time as saving it for future billing you can perform what we call a 'token initiator' as an authorisation, instead of a 'purchase'. You can also save a card via email using our PayMe API, instead of via the shopping cart on your website. Just talk to us if you want to build a bespoke payments application and we'll point you or your developer in the right direction.

Free integration testing

Simply request a development account to test out a payment integration of any kind. It's free of charge and we'll provide all the necessary sample code and APIs. Email and ask for a development account to get started.

Prepayment options

For businesses that require some form of prepayment, Paystation allows for a mix of either authorisations and captures, or token billing options. Authorisations allow for a card to be validated and have a specific sum set aside until the second part of the transaction (the capture) is performed. Token billing allows for a card to be saved, and securely stored for future billing. 

Keep your payments in brand with an iframe

When using our hosted page to process payments, you can either have your customers enter their card details via a redirect to our payment page, or seamlessly embed it within your site using an iframe.

The benefits of having payments processed in an iframe on your site include:

  • Reduced overheads as we'll take care of PCI Compliance
  • Seamlessly blending the payment form in to your site using our customisation options

Ask your developer to view our demosample code and documentation.

Payment confirmation

You can use a mix of payment confirmation options to track transaction responses. Normally transaction responses are confirmed once your customer is returned to your website. Use our POST response API and Paystation will send a message to your website as soon as payment response is received, meaning no missed payments. Or use our quick lookup API and your website will keep sending a request to Paystation until a response is received.

To sign up to Paystation for a custom integration just fill out and submit our online application form. Enter 'Custom integration' in the shopping cart field on the Account setup details page.

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