Multi-currency for online and manual payments

If you need to take payments in different currencies you can either process them on your website (providing your site supports multi-currency payments) or we can enable multi-currency on a manual payments account. To use multi-currency you need to set up a CurrencySelect merchant facility with BNZ. Payments will settle into your nominated account in NZD. Payments are settled from foreign currency into NZD at a rate set by BNZ.

Getting started

Simply contact BNZ and let them know you want to set up a CurrencySelect account. Tell them that you're using Paystation as your payment gateway. BNZ will send us through your facility details and we'll load them onto your Paystation account.

Multi-currency for websites

Most shopping carts will allow you to select different currencies to charge in. If they don't, we'll show you what a developer will need to change in a module to add extra currencies. 

Multi-currency using Paystation admin

Our payments pages in Paystation admin allow you to select which currency you want to charge in from a drop down menu.

To use multi-currency features on your account contact us and contact BNZ to tell them you require a CurrencySelect account to use with Paystation.

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