How it works

Say goodbye to paper invoicing with PayMe, our click-to-pay solution. PayMe allows you to create a payment order that can be copied into an email. Your customer simply clicks on the payment link, enters the information requested in the PayMe form, then clicks through to our hosted payment page to enter their credit card details.

Customise your payments

Use our PayMe admin page to create a form for your customers to enter their payment details e.g. invoice number, customer name, address etc. All the information you need from your customer is available with the click of a mouse or the tap of a smart phone.

Payment confirmation

Keeping track of payments is easy with PayMe. You and your customer will both receive a confirmation email outlining the payment details.

Save cards

Using PayMe you can save your customer's card details for recurring billing. We call this 'tokenisation', and it means that Paystation encrypt and store the card details which you have access to via a 'token'. A token is simply a name for your customer's card details, and is the industry standard for storing card holder data.

Improve cash flow 

Why wait until the 20th of the month to receive payment for goods or services rendered? With PayMe you can leave paper invoicing behind and see funds settled into your account on the next business day.

Create one off or multiple payment links

Paystation realise that every business has different payment needs  that's why you can create a link for multiple or single use only.


Paystation can add a surcharge to your account as a percentage or a fixed fee.

A surcharge allows you to cover reasonable business expenses relating to payment processing costs. Your bank will have rules around adding a surcharge, so make sure you contact them first to let them know you want to add a surcharge.

To sign up to use PayMe on a manual payments or online account just fill out and submit our online application form. Select PayMe on the Paystation admin features section.

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