Surcharging or Convenience fees

Surcharging is where you add a fee to your transaction amount. Paystation offers a couple different methods to include a surcharge when using our product. It is common to implement a surcharge to cover the costs you incur for offering credit card as a payment option. Your bank will have rules in regards to exactly how much you can charge, please contact them first.

We offer two methods of calculating a surcharge amount on each transaction. These are a percentage method or a fixed fee amount added to the transaction.

To add a surcharge to your account, please contact us.

Manual transactions

When putting credit card details directly into Paystation there is an option to include the surcharge amount or not. It does not give you an option to set a surcharge amount only to include or exclude the amount which is set in your account. To change or have this amount set in your account you must contact Paystation Support.

Ecommerce (Website)

When you are not manually inputting credit cards and are using your website to collect payments our surcharging function works a little differently. The surcharge will be automatically added to all transactions and you will not be able to charge an amount without a surcharge.

If in this case you need to be able to charge with and without a surcharge please contact Support. We may be able to organise an additional gateway which would allow you to accomplish this.

When a customer goes to our hosted page they will see the amount due and a statement about the inclusive surcharge amount. 



If you are unfamiliar with PayMe see here. Surcharging with PayMe is treated as ecommerce and the surcharge will be on every transaction. It will appear to the customer like in the above image.

To enable surcharging on your account contact us, and contact your bank.

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