Why did the transaction fail

Some transactions will fail. This can happen for many different reasons. A great way to find out why the transaction failed is to look at the error message given by Paystation.


Finding the error message

If you have just processed the transaction manually then the system will have given you a result box. As you can see in the below example the top 3 lines contain information about the status of the transaction. In this case the transaction failed with:

Error code: 5

Result message: Insufficient funds


Here is an Example:


If the transaction was processed by your website or via a PayMe link then you may have to do a transaction search to find the transaction

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Use the date ranges to look for transactions.

View transaction details

To see more details on each transaction View Details.  Let’s view the details of the successful transaction:

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Common error messages

-1 Transaction could not be processed: Paystation did not receive a response from the bank. Please contact support.

2 Bank declined transaction: The reasons vary but it is important to know that this transaction has declined from the bank. Have the cardholder contact their bank for details.

8 Transaction type not supported: Double check the CVV security code is correct. If failure persists have the customer contact their bank.

10 The amount specified is too high or low and exceeds limits set by the merchant: Paystation has default transaction limits on your account. If you would like the maximum transaction amount increased, please contact Support.

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