Failed payments: Error messages

Paystation error code

Error message

When does this happen?


Transaction could not be processed

No response received from upstream provider. Please see here for further information.


Transaction successful 

When the transaction is successful


Unknown error 

It is most likely the cardholder has input the incorrect card number or is trying to use a card type not supported by your account. Failing the above reasons, please contact us.  


Bank declined transaction 

This indicates an error or problem from the card issuer. The problem may be related to the card holder's account. This response code is often a result of one of the following

Suspected Fraud
Insufficient Funds
Stolen Card
Expired Card
Invalid CVN
Any other rule imposed by the card issuer that causes a decline (e.g. daily limit exceeded, minimum monthly payment not made, duplicate transaction suspected, etc)


No reply from bank 

Please contact us. 


Expired card 

The customer's card has expired. 


Insufficient funds 

Cardholder has insufficient funds to complete the transaction. 


Error communicating with bank 

Please contact us. 


Payment server system error 

Please contact us. 


Transaction type not supported - Invalid transaction

This code is often returned from the issuer when they do not accept the transaction. This can possibly be when a transaction for the same amount and merchant is attempted multiple times quickly for the same card.

The card holder should contact their issuing bank.


Transaction type not supported - Transaction not permitted to cardholder 

May have attempted a transaction without a CCV when one is required.

Otherwise, have the cardholder contact their bank.  


Transaction Failed 

Please contact us 


The amount specified is too high or low and exceeds the limits set by this merchant

Contact us and we will adjust your maximum transaction limits 


Not enough input parameters 

Please refer to our API docs as the submitted transaction is in an incorrect format or missing input parameters 


Transaction already in progress 

A transaction with this merchant session ID already exists 


HMAC validation failed 

HMAC validation checks for a correct Paystation ID, Gateway ID and denoted currency. If these are not the same on both Merchant and Paystation's end this error will be produced.

If you are trying a two party transaction and providing an incorrect secret.

If you are providing an incorrect secret on a three party transaction.  

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