Settlement - When does the money appear in my account?

An important concept of Payments is to understand the term “Settlement”. Settlement refers to when the money from your transactions appears in your account. When you process a Credit Card transaction using Paystation, our system will tell you if the transaction was successful.

The money from successful transactions is not made immediately available to you, usually, it will be made available to you at the end of the business day.

Paystation does not control the date or time of settlement, this is controlled by your bank. Usually, the banks settle funds Monday through Friday late evening. (ASB and BNZ settle every day of the week).

If you would like to know when the money from the day's transactions will appear in your account please contact your bank. See Bank Contact Details here


  • Your bank will settle your days' transactions in a bulk payment.
  • International payments and AMEX transactions will have longer settlement times.
  • Paystation can provide you with a report of the day's transactions that have been settled from the Settlement Report function.

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