Recurring gateways

Paystation can set payments as recurring on the payment gateway with bank approval. This means that all payments are counted as recurring, making you eligible for the lower recurring interchange fee charged by banks.

Recurring payments

Recurring payments can be managed in one of two ways, When your bank gives you permission to process recurring payments. First up, we can setup your gateway with a recurring payments flag, meaning the card expiry date will not be enforced in a transaction. This is most often required by a business where it is dealing with the same customers over a long period of time. Alternatively we can set you up with token payments so you can save cards as a token, and then process regular payments against that card on your website (if supported) or in our admin portal using token payments or a token batch facility.

Recurring manual payments

Recurring manual payments give you a wide range of options. Use token payments to safely store and manage cards, for recurring billing, or use our token batch solution to upload saved cards in one file.

Recurring ecommerce payments

Using our APIs and sample code, you can build a token payments solution on your website. This is a good option if you're looking to get customers signed up as members on your website.

To enable recurring payments on your account contact your bank to see if you qualify for a recurring interchange merchant services fee. 

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