How to save card details for future payments (tokens)

You can use the tokenization feature of Paystation to save credit card data securely. Tokenization is a useful payment solution for businesses that need to collect multiple payments from their customers. 

Search Tokens

You can look up, edit or delete saved tokens using the Search Tokens page. You will need to know the token name or part of the name.


Enter the name or at least part of the token name to Search for the token. For this example let’s Edit the token named “Amazing”.

The resulting search for the token will display the token name, the first six and last three digits of the credit card as well as the expiry date, as shown below. 

save image

Select the Edit action function to perform token maintenance to change the credit card number and/or expiry date. You will be able to use the token maintenance feature to update the card details of any token, for example when a customer’s credit card details are changing due to a new or expired credit card.

Once selected the token will display the Card number's first six and last three digits, the Expiry, and the Token name, as shown below. 

save image

When your changes are done click Update.

To delete a token simply click Delete

Create Token

Token requirements:

  • A token can only contain characters within the following character set:
  • A token must have a maximum length of 64 characters and a minimum of 1 character.
  • Each token must be unique to your Paystation account.

Note: If you’re using reseller tokens your tokens must be unique for every paystation account under your reseller account.

Select Create Token to view the next screen.

save image

Enter the Card number, Expiry date, Token name (optional), and Your reference. If you do not give the token a name then Paystation will randomly generate one that adheres to the above token requirements. 

Adding your reference will allow you to find the transaction through the merchant reference.

save image

The Create button saves and creates the token.

Charge Token 

To make a payment using a token, select Charge Token.

save image

Select the Gateway, enter the Amount, Card Security Code, Currency, Token name, Transaction Mode, and Your Reference (this will become the merchant reference with which you can search for the transaction details on the Transactions page).

save image

Then click Pay Now.

Once the token is created the transaction details will display below the area where the token details are entered.

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