Payment page: merchant hosted

Why choose 'merchant hosted'?

Some businesses choose to take on the costs relating to PCI compliance and website security themselves. We can provide a gateway for this integration type but we require bank approval, and need to be satisfied with the PCI requirements your business meets.

Merchant hosted websites

A merchant hosted integration with our payment gateway means the payment form is hosted on your page, and your developers will need to do a merchant hosted integration using our APIs and sample code. Trade Me is an example of a merchant hosted integration.

Merchant hosted apps

If your customers are entering their card details directly into a form on your app then this is also considered 'merchant hosted' and will require a direct integration with Paystation. Apps like Pushpay are merchant hosted.

Merchant hosted shopping carts

Some shopping cart integrations like Big Commerce are merchant hosted. Because the website is also hosted by Big Commerce they are looking after the PCI compliance. This option does not protect you against charge backs.

PCI compliance

To process using a merchant hosted integration you'll likely need to obtain PCI compliance. You can find information on that here.

Bank approval

To obtain bank approval for a merchant hosted integration you'll need to meet their website risk and compliance criteria and obtain the necessary PCI compliance. Most New Zealand banks prefer, or will only give approval for a fully hosted (3 party) integration.

To sign up to Paystation for website payments just fill out and submit our online application form.

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