Ecommerce surcharging

Paystation can enable a surcharge on your website's payment gateway. With an ecommerce transaction, the surcharge will simply be added to the purchase amount and included as a separate amount on our payment page.

Manual payments surcharging

With a manual payments account a surcharge can be compulsory - or you can select a check box that adds a surcharge. Easy!

Fixed fee surcharging

You can set a surcharge as a fixed fee, instead of a percentage. All you need to do is let us know the amount to fix your surcharge at.

Percentage surcharging

If required we can set the surcharge as a percentage of the total transaction amount. That way you can recover the interchange credit card fee based on the percentage that you're charged. Just let us know what percentage of costs you need to recover.

To enable surcharging on your account contact us, and contact your bank.

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