Manual card transactions

How it works

A manual card transaction (sometimes referred to as 'Card Not Present' or MOTO) means that you process the transaction instead of your customer (the card holder). Taking payments over the phone is easy. Using the MOTO or 'Token Payments' pages in our admin portal, you simply enter the required card details and click 'Pay Now'. There are options to add a transaction reference, send a transaction notification, authorise a card prior to full payment and more.

MOTO payments

On the MOTO page simply enter the card number, expiry date, card holder name and select 'Pay Now'. You also have the option to enter a transaction reference, the card CVV/CSC code, or send a transaction confirmation email.

Authorisations and captures

Need to verify card details prior to payment? No need to take a payment straight away. On our MOTO page you can simply select 'Authorisation' from the drop down menu instead of 'Purchase'. This will save the specified amount on the card and you can then take full or partial payment within 30 days.

Token payments

Securely store your customers' card details by saving the card details as a token. Once a card is saved you can process recurring payments against it on our 'Token payments' page. All you need to do is enter the token name, the amount, a transaction reference and click 'Pay Now'.

Save on admin costs

Using our MOTO chain system you can process transactions on behalf of another account. Ideal for franchises and multi-site businesses. 

Track payments with additional users

With Paystation you can create as many users as necessary, allowing you to keep track of who's taking payments, how much, and which account they're going through.


Paystation can enable a surcharge on your payment gateway as either a percentage or a fixed fee.

Surcharging allows you to recover business costs associated with payment processing. Your bank will have rules around surcharging that you need to follow so make sure you contact them first. 

On a manual payments account you can have a surcharge added on all transactions, or we can add surcharging as an optional feature.

To sign up to Paystation for manual payments just fill out and submit our online application form.

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